Founded in 1890 by a group of distinguished Richmonders, the Commonwealth Club has grown into a vibrant city club with a diverse membership. Its members, including leaders in business, politics, education and society, enjoy the comforts of the rambling, elegant clubhouse and its relaxed atmosphere of Southern grace.

From its beginning, the Club has enjoyed an enviable reputation derived from its founders and early members. In reporting on the January 3, 1890 meeting at which the Club was founded, “The Richmond Times” reported in its Saturday, January 4 edition that there has never been a meeting of social and representative characters that ever topped the one held last night . . .(The club) will have an appropriate name and a determined following. It will be a Richmond and Virginia institution and in the future will be heard from.

The Club did indeed become a Richmond and Virginia institution and today still has a reputation for elegant facilities, outstanding food and impeccable service. Members and guests enjoy fine dining, comprehensive banquet and conference services, a friendly and cherished athletic facility, the area’s best wine shop and cellar, and an array of Club-sponsored events each year.